Engaging Instagram posts

Content in the brand’s social networks can “get covered in dust”: the rubrics have long been familiar to readers, the posts have become commonplace. What to do? Look for new options. Without preparation, there’s every chance to come to the conclusion that the search for ideas is not so easy at all.

We’ve picked up content options for small businesses on Instagram that will help marketers and SMM specialists present the brand relevantly and forget what a creative block is. If you’re just at the beginning of your journey, it makes sense to buy instagram followers. This will accelerate the development of the account.

Exclusive offers, discounts or special promo codes 

Community exclusives help your audience feel special. For example, you can announce the start of a sale on the page before the information is available to site visitors or regular customers offline. Or create exclusive gift promo codes for the community on Instagram. You can offer a special coupon code and, in return, ask to mention the post on Instagram when placing an order or booking a service. By the way, promo codes will be useful not only for subscribers, but also for marketers. They will show how many customers come from the site. This will help to draw conclusions and possibly make changes to the promotion strategy.

Useful content

Users ask the same questions several times a day? Help people solve a popular problem. For example, a short one-minute instructional video will show how to do something in a simple and accessible way. Or, put up a post with a before/after image of the product, with written instructions in the caption. Or – a carousel of images with a step-by-step tutorial. Posts with practical advice position you as an expert in your field and give valuable information to your audience.

Behind the scenes of a brand

Brand pages are different from the accounts of opinion leaders, bloggers and regular Instagram users. Often, everything that companies typically show their subscribers is strictly planned according to a strategy months in advance. Such specifics, but does it hurt to be more direct sometimes? Help subscribers get to know you a little better by showing not just the showcase, but also what goes on behind the scenes. Show your studio with a creative mess, your workspace, or create a short video clip of you working.

Just don’t do a gallery of sleepy faces at a serious meeting at 10 a.m. Monday morning. Show something interesting or funny. It could be anything – an employee working at a desk; a service dog sprawled out on a bed; or a Bollywood-style dance number that involves the office. It’s not a bad thing to be more direct sometimes. It evokes sympathy and brings you closer to the audience.

If you haven’t yet managed to gain a loyal audience, you should look carefully at specialized services. For example, you can buy instagram followers for $5 and increase the authority of your account. After all, all visitors look at the number of followers in the first place, so you should also pay attention to this indicator. The more followers you have, the higher your account status will be.