House or Apartment in Miami: What kind of property to buy?

Buying property in Florida has gained fantastic popularity in recent years. And this is no coincidence, because Florida is one of the few places in the U.S., where at any time of year, the summer reigns and the water remains warm and pleasant thanks to the Gulf Stream. But it’s not the only thing that attracts people: there’s always a festive atmosphere, regular bustling parties, concerts and vibrant festivals. When you’re going to buy a property in Miami, you may have a tough question: what better way to buy an apartment (for example in these parque towers) or a house? Let us weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options. 

Assessing the prospects of buying a house in Miami

If you are going to rent out your property or just like the space, a private home is the best option.

  • All properties located on the property (swimming pool, dock, land, pergola, outbuildings, etc.) are the property of the owner. Moreover, there is no additional charge for all this.
  • The house can be freely rented out for any term, and the requirements and conditions will be less stringent than in the case of the apartment. 
  • There are no charges for utilities, although in some villages still require a small monthly fee (an average of $ 20-50) – this bill includes lighting, cleaning and garbage disposal; 
  • Adjacent to the house can be arranged as you wish. The only limitation is that you cannot cut down old trees without notifying the city authorities. 
  • In your own house you can perform any repairs, even redevelopment. Permission is required only when you are planning a major restructuring, which involves, for example, the demolition of walls. 
  • You can keep any number of pets without getting any permits and without negotiating with anyone. 
  • In addition, for those who want privacy, the absence of neighbours from below and above will be an important advantage.


However, this discretion also imposes certain obligations on the buyer. In particular, this applies to liability for the condition of the building and its timely repair. Buying a house in Miami not for cash, but through a mortgage, you will be forced to insure the property. At the same time, the property inside will have to be insured separately.

The land near the house must always be tidy and well maintained, which involves regular cutting of trees and mowing lawns. Failure to maintain the area around the house will result in high fines. In addition, if there is a swimming pool on the site, you will have to regularly contact a specialist and perform cleaning – in hot climates, the water is silted quite quickly. 

Advantages of the apartment

After learning about all the drawbacks of buying a private home, many are beginning to incline to buying an apartment. In fact, such a solution will be very attractive in several ways at once. 

  • For those who plan to come to Miami only from time to time, this is the most convenient and simple format of accommodation. 
  • Modern ocean one condos always have their own security service, which checks all the people who enter the house, so the risk of any incident occurring in your absence in the apartment is almost zero. 
  • The repair of common areas is entirely up to the association of the particular condominium. 
  • There is no need to purchase a separate hurricane insurance – most modern buildings are protected from strong winds. In addition, the price of basic insurance is included in monthly utility bills. However, it covers only the real estate itself, and the property located on its territory should be insured separately.