Pros and cons of cheating likes in Instagram in 2019

Hundreds or even thousands of subscribers – an account that boasts such “indicators” can easily attract business partners, investors and advertisers. You have popularity – you make a profit. Instagram works this way. We also remember the time when it was common to add likes and subscribers to this network. A large number of hearts and followers allowed to accelerate the promotion of the account. However, not so long ago, the creators have worked on these algorithms, and now it became not so easy to get additional “hearts”, and this can turn into large fines that nobody needs. But we will try to sort out this situation and talk about how to still hang out on Instagram so as not to hurt yourself. This information will be especially useful to those who run their own blog or are engaged in commerce, trade or business in the world wide web.

It used to be like this: the more liked the better

And all because the account was considered more interesting and advanced, because the information laid out on it was approved by a large number of subscribers. From which it follows that you are competent in your statements. So you are an expert who is able to manage a large number of people.

Previously used some not quite legal ways:

  • creating fake accounts: the time to open new profiles takes very little, but for that the number of “hearts” on the desired profile is rapidly beginning to grow;
  • connecting bots: in this case not special programs were used, but “dead” profiles. Such accounts are created simply for general visibility.
  • scheme “you – me, I – you.” Everything is simple here: you like someone, and you also get a “Like” in response.

Thanks to such simple schemes, it was possible to obtain a large number of desired “hearts.” But now everything has changed. The algorithm is “wiser”, and the likes under the photos are no longer a clear indicator of success and relevance. At the moment, the main role began to play the comments to the photo, because they show how involved the target audience in the overall process. The response must be adequate, meaningful and relevant post. Horned phrases like “Wow!”, “Awesome photo!” And so on are more like a formal reply than a real interest. But is it so really bad? Actually, no. Some really nice services still can be used as Auto Liker Instagram cause they found some way to avoid the developers’ control.

Want to interest the public?

Change shooting formats and experiment. Regardless of the fact that there is a ban on likes from fake pages on the network, they are still more than enough. Someone argues that for him it is not a problem to wind the required number of likes. But you should think about whether you need such an offer. Indeed, in reality, likes cannot be of particular use. Learn to recognize the bot immediately and do not accept his suggestions.

Just a few steps and you will know who is in front of you. Do not be lazy to view your account. Bots do not have real photos, so you can see a lot of pictures in your account, filled in from the Internet. And quantitatively the bot will have nothing to boast of, a maximum of one and a half – two dozen photos. The last publication date can also say a lot: a bot uploads a photo once every few months. No active Instagram user can endure for so long. Read the information on this page. Most often, bots offer services on their accounts for cheating likes or something similar. Learn to refuse such offers, because it is possible to increase the number of “hearts” in other ways. Moreover, Instagram does not favor fakes, and they are blocked as soon as they are recognized. Consequences: the subscriber base is decreasing, and likes are depreciating. Some famous personalities resorted to the services of bots, but this sad fate did not avoid them.