How to choose an engagement ring

I came, I saw, I bought – this is approximately how men imagine buying wedding rings. However, in reality everything is somewhat different. With the choice of rings, as well as with marriage, there is no need to hurry, otherwise you can run into an unpleasant surprise. Undoubtedly, the wedding ring is the main element of the wedding ceremony. And the reason is not only that by wearing it, a girl acquires the status of “wife”, but also because you have to wear it for life.

Every engagement ring is beautiful in its own way. But all its charms melt away before our eyes when the product is not the right size or its original design creates daily discomfort. Often emotions take over and newlyweds impulsively make a purchase without thinking about how the product will look in 10-15 years. However, the choice of engagement rings vancouver does not tolerate hasty, rash decisions. The concepts of beauty and comfort are of key importance.

How to stay within the wedding budget?

Once all the acknowledgements are made and the wedding date is set, there comes the second equally important stage – calculating the wedding budget. If finances are limited, you can emphasize creativity. Today, stylish design is valued as much as diamonds! If your budget allows you to buy an engagement ring with diamonds, then feel free to follow this decision. Over the years, a one-stone ring can be enhanced with diamonds for a special occasion (such as the birth of a child). In this case, the product will become a real family heirloom.

An affordable alternative to a diamond is a quality fianite. In terms of appearance, it is just as transparent, bright and shiny. Aside from diamonds, rings are also adorned with sapphires, rubies and emeralds; they look gorgeous and unconventional, but they are not meant for everyday wear.

Choosing the metal and the grade

In addition to “like/dislike”, it is important to consider the practical side of the question. In particular, which metal is most durable to wear. Gold and platinum give engagement rings the highest strength, especially if we are talking about the 585th standard. But the 750th is softer and, accordingly, more sensitive to external influences. If we talk about the most popular metals, today it is white and rose gold.

When buying a ring with silver, remember that it is softer than gold and darkens faster, so it will have to be cleaned periodically. If it is difficult to agree with your partner on the color, then choose gold engagement rings in several metals.