How to get ready to ride a bike

In order for cycling to be beneficial and not harmful to our health, certain rules must be followed. Do not exercise immediately after or just before a meal.  Some people may have pain in their knees when cycling frequently because they are under a lot of pressure. To prevent these problems from developing into a serious enough disease, you should combine riding with rest, and not stress your joints with wear and tear. In addition, the knee joints can be loaded with the correct height adjustment of the seat and steering wheel. Riding a bike is just as rewarding as running, but even more enjoyable. Bicycle simulators can be found at any gym, but cycling through the woods, in the park or out of town is an unparalleled pleasure! Central Park bike rental can help you with that.

Before you go home, you need to do a few squats to warm up your joints. When cycling, it is important to use enough fluid to prevent dehydration, which is also harmful to the joints. You should drink non-carbonated, better mineral water, which restores the salt balance. To prevent frequent falls, check your bicycle – adjust the brakes, inflate the bar if necessary, and check for chain sags. It is better to check the condition of your bicycle with a professional. You can also use specialist services that will rent you a bicycle. They always keep their bicycles in good condition and can guarantee that your bicycle is in good condition.

If you haven’t done sports in a long time, you should prepare your body before starting regular bicycle rides. A few weeks before your first workout, start to exercise in the morning, paying particular attention to your leg and back muscles. Especially useful exercise “bike” – rotational movements with raised legs. If you decide to start riding spontaneously, you should not immediately try to ride at maximum speed. This way you will get tired very quickly and even risk getting hurt. You should start driving at a comfortable speed and adjust your efforts. The right load will allow you to get the most out of your bike.

Some useful information regarding regular bike using

Workers and employees who ride their bicycles to work are less likely to be ill, according to a study conducted by TNO, the Netherlands Institute for Applied Scientific Research. The report based on the research was presented at a bike exhibition in Rosmalen, Netherlands, to Tineke Heising, Secretary of State for Transport.

TNO has conducted a study on the impact of cycling among 1,236 employees of three major companies. It turned out that those who regularly go to work by bike are sick for an average of 7.4 days a year and those who get to work by car for 8.7 days. TNO estimates that if the number of people going to work by bike increases by 1%, Dutch companies could save 27 million euros annually. The experts are based on a working population of 7.4 million people and the fact that each sick employee costs companies 280 euros a day.

There are more than 16 million bicycles in the Netherlands, which has a total population of 16.6 million people. Many Dutch businesses and firms encourage the use of bicycles for commuting. On receiving the TNO report, Secretary of State Heising announced the Dutch government’s willingness to invest 50 million euros in improving bicycle parking lots at railway stations and infrastructure for this two-wheeled transport. In particular, she said, there are plans to lay out more bicycle lanes and improve the existing ones. In the USA you can rent bicycles from Fancy Apple