Types of boats

Today the boats and boats market has a lot to offer – what to choose? Having already made thousands of boat selections, we decided to make the so-called “course”, what you need to know when choosing and buying the right boat or boat. It should be noted that this is only our opinion, which can be listened to or not listened to.


Aluminum or plastic? There is no unambiguous answer – everyone has their own. The producers of aluminium boats will say they are better, while the producers of plastic boats will shout them out. It’s just that there are advantages for some and for others. You can look at the finval boat, because this choice is likely to be the most successful.

  • Aluminum is strength, stability. The hull does not absorb water (advantage during winter storage). This is why aluminium motorboats are preferred by fishermen and hunters.
  • Plastic – looks beautiful, good thermal insulation. Inside such a boat it is comfortable and safe (plastic is good for smoothing corners). Popular among people who like active rest and comfort.

For today boats with application of both materials are made. Here all is simple: bottom – aluminium (durability), top – plastic (comfort). Such boats smooth out each other’s disadvantages, but increase the cost.

Transportation, parking, storage of boats

It is considered that a trailer on rollers is better for aluminum boats, and a trailer on plastic rails. Nowadays there are a lot of trailer manufacturers, and a lot of prices for them. If you need to transport the boat over long distances, there is no need to save money. And if you only need to go down or up at the berth, you can choose a cheaper option. The boat stands in your garage – it’s a constant descent, climbing. It is convenient to dock at the berth, but you have to pay for parking and storage.

Storage (winter)

How you feel about the technique, it will serve you for so long. If you are out of navigation, you will have to wash the boat, drain the water, maintain and mothball the engine. It’s all expenses, but they are necessary and you can’t do without them.

Types of boats

There are quite a few and we will try to describe the most common ones.

  • Closed Bow. Boat of classic layout and small size. The bow is covered by a deck and most of them have a luggage compartment covered by a hatch.
  • One consol. The control post is to starboard and has no full windscreen. The opposing control post is the bow sofa which can be extended all around the board.
  • Dual console. No full-fledged windscreen, only safety shields. The cockpit has two armchairs and a aft sofa.
  • Centre console. The cockpit is traditional, with bare sides, two armchairs and no full cabin.
  • Hard top. A boat whose cockpit is covered by a small deckhouse, open from the stern. In the bow there is a berth. The open part of the deckhouse can be covered by a light awning. 
  • Walk around. It’s a boat with a bow cabin that rises above the main deck. This layout leaves wide passageways along the sides, fenced with a railing from aft to fore.
  • Cruisers. At the bow of this boat there is a spacious saloon that transforms into a sleeping area. 
  • TOV Boats. Professional boat for water skiers and wakeboarders. The hulls of these boats are specially designed to create the characteristic waves required by the athletes. A powerful outboard motor or an engine with a corner column is for the professional towboat.
  • Cabin. A boat with a cockpit in the middle that separates the hull from the bow and aft cockpit. Can be equipped with one or two outboard motors or fixed engine with a corner column.

If you are looking for a good all-purpose boat, it is worth looking at the finval 555 sport angler. This option will be an excellent choice for fishing and other tasks that you may have.