Types of advertising signs

There is no doubt that today’s advertising signs – is the main element of outdoor advertising, which is why it is extremely important that they were not only bright and original, as well as suitable for the overall design of the city and the building, meet safety standards, were modern. Today, designers when creating a signage take into account not only the wishes of the client, the kind of activity of the company and their style, but also such factors as: the effectiveness of advertising, competitive advertising signage, architecture, etc. Certainly, presence of other advertising objects in immediate proximity also is necessarily considered by designers, all this in a complex helps to create them that will attract attention and not to be beaten out of the general concept.

Today advertising signs can be divided into the following types:

  1. Light boxes – this is the most popular type of modern outdoor advertising, light boxes can be both unilateral and bilateral, which allows them to use in a variety of tasks. The design of the light box: metal frame, the base of acrylic or cellular polycarbonate, lighting is carried out using incandescent lamps. The light boxes are actively used for both external and internal use.
  2. Flat design is the cheapest form of advertising medium, most often used by small retail outlets and pavilions. they are ideal for small local shops. Examples of such signs can be found here https://fortunavisual.com/service/awnings/.
  3. Neon signs – one of the brightest and most colorful, of particular importance in the dark. Neon signs can be almost any shape, but in most cases they serve as an element of composition.
  4. Volume letters – one of the popular types of advertising, which is increasingly found not only in large cities, but also in small towns. Such a popularity of these designs have received due to its wide possibilities – the design is a light box free-form. But, it is worth noting, such signs are not cheap, because they require a lot of work and the use of expensive materials.
  5. Combined signs – are signs that contain a few or even all of the above elements, used such signs mainly in the city and along the roads.

LED screens as a kind of modern advertising

Most advertising manufacturers agree that the future of modern advertising – LED screens, and explain it is not difficult. Every year, technology using LEDs are used more and more, and outdoor advertising using LEDs is becoming a masterpiece of its kind, attracting attention to the brightness and originality. Thanks to the LED screens it was possible to demonstrate on the street full-fledged commercials, which significantly increases the effectiveness of outdoor advertising. Of course, such opportunities give advertisers an advantage in achieving their goals.

Where to order the manufacture of LED screens? All experts believe that such advertising designs are worth ordering only from professionals who specialize in the manufacture of light advertising, only they can guarantee the long and effective operation of the LED screen. Of course, the manufacture and maintenance of LED video screens is not cheap, but with certainty we can say that all costs pay off more than – wanting to place advertising on video boards is growing every day. Evidence of this fact and the fact that more and more LED screens are installed not only in major cities, and along the tracks.

Today, manufacturers can realize almost the most complex tasks of the client, including LED screens of various shapes and sizes – all depends on the needs of the advertiser. Separately, it should be noted that video screens are increasingly used in the interior design of shopping malls, office and exhibition centers.